Team | 30.09.2021

Spotlight on Emma McWilliam & Jaymi Warne

What are your roles?

BOTH: Administrative Assistant

What does a typical day look like for you?

EMMA: Most of my days start in my oodie and the usual morning phone scroll to catch up on the ‘important things’ I missed overnight. When I’m not working at reception for UNIFIED, my days generally consist of playing or listening to music, baking up something sweet (I was well known for my choc chip and raspberry brownies at uni!) and going for walks with boyfriend and his share-house dog, Flora (pictured)

JAYMI: I usually start with a walk on the treadmill & meditation. Besides work, I play guitar and a fair bit of Nintendo Switch. Here and there I muster up the courage to do some renovations on my house but mostly I just watch ‘I Think You Should Leave’ on repeat.

Favourite Festival or concert you attended and why?

EMMA: A very hard choice! I’d have to say my first proper concert which was seeing The Cat Empire play their 1000th live show in Fed Square. They were my absolute favourite band at the time, it was the first time (now of many) that I’ve see them live and they are still the band I’ve seen perform live the most

JAYMI: When I was 14 I flew to Sydney with my parents to see Patti Smith at Sydney Opera House after missing out on the Melbourne shows. Mum wasn’t happy with our seats so she went to stand at the front even though it was seated. I was so embarrassed. But now it’s one of my favourite memories and I just… get it. I get wanting to be as close as possible to Patti Smith. She embraces the side of females that we squashed and takes you to a moment where you feel strong again, resilient and fired up. Every time I am at a gig I am reunited with a part of who I am and who I want to be.

Fun fact that people don’t know about you?

EMMA: A big part of my passion for the music industry stems from my love of musicals! I can often be found listening to cast recording soundtracks or singing every word to Hamilton

JAYMI: I have just started German lessons, hopefully I will be verbally ready once we can fly overseas again. I have also built a very snazzy SG from scratch and currently working on my second guitar build.