Team | 30.07.2021

Spotlight on Leander Gloversmith

What is your role? Artist Development Manager

What does a day in the life of Leander look like? I’m an early riser (5AM), and often spend mornings talking to URM team & bands in Aus, as well as walking our 2 spaniels, exercise and hanging with our 2.5 year old daughter, Winter River. Beyond that, a day in the life will typically involves work, music, vegan food, books and movies, in no particular order.

What one weird/fun fact we dont know about you? I’m half German, and related on my mother’s side to Ulrike Meinhof (as in Baader-Meinhof group).

Best concert you attended and why? There’s a few candidates; seeing Glassjaw at a 180 cap bar in London back in 2007: favourite band, small venue, simple maths. But one that stands out from recent is The 1975 at the Brighton Centre, with my heavily pregnant wife 3 days before my daughter was born. It was a really special moment in time for us, and there was an electric atmosphere in the room.

Your favourite holiday? Phú Quốc, a Vietnamese island & Lombok, Indonesia are two places I’ve loved dearly. But am also a major sucker for New York City – one of my favourite places to visit!