Team | 30.11.2021

Spotlight on Thomas Dagnon & Dylan Visser

What does a typical day look like for you?

THOMAS: Check Twitter to see if anything happened overnight that leads me to believe we might stop climate change.  Spoiler: no.  After that, it’s a lot of chasing my 2-year-old around the house to make sure he doesn’t break anything.  I try to find free time to play guitar or video games.  I go for a walk at some point and engage in some kind of nerdy thought experiment.  Lately I’ve been wondering what it would be like if we evolved as an aquatic species.  How much of our culture, technology, civilization is only possible because we live on land?  Would we be able to replace those things with something equally meaningful underwater?  Would sharks be a problem?

DYLAN: Depending on whether I have my dog with me, wake up will be via a paw to the face or an alarm clock around 6am. I like getting out in the morning as long as the rain stays away. Outside of work, I enjoy a good brekky with a latte from a glass, and I’m no stranger to a cheeky pint or two with mates.

What was your favourite festival or concert and why?

THOMAS: All the concert experiences I cherished were based on the awestruck feeling that came from seeing my heroes in person.  I can’t identify with the feeling I had back then because I don’t idolize rock stars the way I did then.  So I need to re-evaluate those experiences on the merits, without the hero worship.  Who played the best songs, in the most competent manner, in the most appropriate venue?  Answer:  Megadeth.  Must’ve been their “No bad notes, No bad seats” tour.

DYLAN: Violent Soho in Feb 2020 at The Tote. Soho has been a long-time favourite and the previous two times I had seen them was at Falls & Unify. To be able to get 3 rows back from stage in a really intimate gig was something special.

Fun fact that people wouldn’t know about you?

THOMAS: I’ve watched a hundred hours of pedal steel guitar instructional videos but I don’t think I’ve ever been in the same room as a pedal steel guitar.

DYLAN: I went to Nepal a few years ago and did the 14 day Mount Everest base camp trek, followed by a few months of volunteering at a school. I’m hoping to do the exact same trip again in a year or two because it was one of the best experiences I’ve had, I’d also like to know if the legs can still take on the trek!