Artist Management | 22.07.2021


Rising Australian punk stars Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers have officially revealed their knockout new single ‘AHHHH!’ today after its premiere via triple j’s Home & Hosed last night. Today’s release also comes alongside the announcement of a new label home and management partnership for the band.

The band have signed to Domestic La La (home to the likes of Dear Seattle, West Thebarton and LOSER), and joined the fold at UNIFIED Artist Management under the guidance of some of its  most experienced managers, Ash Hills (Client Liaison, Stellie) and Sarah McMillan (Slowly Slowly, WAAX, Mo’Ju, Congrats).

Together Teen Jesus, (comprising vocalist Anna Ryan, guitarist/vocalist Scarlett McKahey, bassist Jaida Stephenson and drummer Neve van Boxsel) bring Riot Grrrl-era energy, edginess and attitude, with an equally loveable and endearing relatability. It’s this can’t-be-faked demeanour and a knack for knockout songwriting that caught the attention of Domestic La La and continues to see the band’s brood of followers balloon.

“‘AHHHH!’ is loosely about navigating a relationship with someone you have known for a long time but their character changes,” says Ryan. “You find yourself making excuses for them and forgiving them when the answer is clear that sometimes you just need to ditch and move the heck on!”

Straddling punk, rock, pop and garage influence, the release of ‘AHHHH!’ finds Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers solidifying their status as Australia’s must-watch in the field of punk-rock.

About Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers:
Channelling Riot Grrrl-era energy with a 2021 spin, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasersare the most natural, unapologetic and damn likeable punk-rockers you’ll meet.

Formed during high school in their hometown of Canberra, Teen Jesus burst onto the scene in 2019 and quickly snapped attention for their teenage ragamuffin image and searingly good garage punk sound. The group cut their teeth playing festivals including BIGSOUND, Groovin’ The Moo, Laneway, Falls, Lost Paradise & Spilt Milk, supporting a slew of Australia’s finest including Polish Club, Alex Lahey, Press Club, WAAX & more, while impressing with a sprinkle of standout single releases.

As of 2021, the band have graduated into an astute group of 20 year-olds – just as concerned about issues facing today’s women and young people as they are with their loud, badass and completely cool punk sound.

Freshly signed to Domestic La La, the band now reveal their latest single, ‘AHHHH!’, about standing your ground and frankly – not putting up with people’s bullshit.

This candid and upfront approach continues into every area of the Teen Jesus world. Scarlett comments: “We just want to be loud. We’re obviously into the punk side of things and speaking our mind, so it’s not “pop” fun, I’d say it’s more “angry” fun,” adding: “… at the end of the day, at the live shows we just want to allow everyone a space to have a really fun time and be themselves.”

Ultimately Teen Jesus describe wanting to be as reachable to their growing brood of fans as possible. Whether through a concerted effort to remove the invisible “barrier” between performer and punter, making themselves available for hangs and friendship after a gig, or keeping their lyrics wide open for listener’s own interpretations, this foursome is about being unapologetically themselves, and inviting everyone to do the same.

This is not to mention their hilarious lockdown-induced must-watch Teen Jesus TVseries, cracking the band’s loveable clumsiness and endearing realness wide open once and for all. Watching TJ TV no doubt leaves you with the same feeling you’d get if you were to catch the girls at their show or bump into them down at the pub.

Empowered by their youth, punk roots and a swag of inspiring influences around them (see Anna’s ex-front woman mum and Scarlett’s band manager mum, an all-female management team and a new mentor and friend in DLL/Violent Soho’s James Tidswell), Teen Jesus are real as shit girls, and they’re going somewhere.

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers Is:
Anna Ryan (vocals)
Scarlett McKahey (guitar/vocals)
Jaida Stephenson (bass)
Neve van Boxsel (drums)